AVIDEMUX: A great video editing app for linux. 

I switched to ubuntu linux last May or so…. I am loving it. One of my quests has been to completely eliminate the need for windows. I am practically there.

Linux is “Free as in Freedom”. Yeah. Ok enough of that. Onto what I created this post for: avidemux

Avidemux is a wonderful free program that I have been using recently. It is great for cropping/joinin/extracting stuff from many video formats. Well, that is what I use it for. When I used …a OS that should not be named… (shudder…) I used VirtualDub for these things. That was (and is) a great free video editing app. So what do I use now that I exclusively run GNU/linux? avidemux! Yay!

To install under ubuntu, you could add it via the synaptic package manager — or type:

sudo apt-get install avidemux