Favorite applications for OS X, Ubuntu and Windows 

Below is a list of my favorite applications for either OS X, Ubuntu linux, or Windows.

When I moved from windows to Ubuntu I kept looking for software that did what my favorite windows applications did. Similarly when I moved to OS X from Ubuntu I looked for more software that met my needs in Ubuntu or Windows. Although there are generally less options for OS X software, what is out there (or built into the OS) seems to work just as well or better than what I have been used to in my former favorite operating systems.

Here’s a list that I put together based on software that I use & applications that I would recommend for the three operating system types that I have had daily experience with.

Functionality OS X Ubuntu Windows
Audio Backup (create MP3) iTunes Audio CD Extractor FreeRip, iTunes
Calendar iCal Thunderbird, Evolution Outlook
Data Backup Time Machine Time Vault DataKeeper, Norton Ghost
Database Development MySQL Administrator, SQLDeveloper MySQL Administrator, SQLDeveloper MySQL Administrator, SQLDeveloper
Drive Manager / Partition Disk Utility.app gparted Partition Magic
Drive Usage Mapper Disk Inventory X.app Disk Usage Analyzer Drive Doppler
DVD Movie Backup JackTheRipper k9copy DVDShrink, RipIt4Me
DVD Player DVD Player.app Totem PowerDVD
Email Mail.app, Entourage Thunderbird, Evolution Outlook, Eudora
FTP Client Transmit gFTP FlashFXP, CuteFTP, WS_FTP, Filezilla
FTP Server built in FTP server built in FTP server GuildFTP, Serv-U
Graphic Manipulation Gimp, Photoshop Gimp Gimp, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro
Instant Messaging Adium, iChat Pidgin, Gaim Trillian
Media Player VLC, QuickTime Player.app VLC, Totem VLC, MediaPlayerClassic
Music Player iTunes Totem, Rhythmbox WinAmp, iTunes
Office Suites Open Office, Microsoft Office Open Office Open Office, Microsoft Office
PDF Viewer Preview, Acrobat Acrobat Acrobat
Peer to Peer / Fileshare Azureus/VUSE, Acquisition, BitTorrent Azureus/VUSE, Transmission Azureus/VUSE, Shareaza, LimeWire
Photo Album iPhoto F-spot ACDSee
Programmer Text Editor TextMate, TextEdit Kate, Komodo, Gedit UltraEdit, EditPad, Notepad
Remote Control VNC, Screen Sharing.app, CoRD VNC, Remote Desktop Viewer VNC, Remote Desktop
Terminal Client Terminal.app gnome-terminal Putty
Video Editing iMovie avidemux VirtualDub
Virtualization VMware Fusion, VirtualBox VMware Workstation, VirtualBox VMware Workstation, VirtualBox
Web Browser Firefox, Safari Firefox Firefox, IE