UltraEdit released for Linux!

I am writing this post because I am excited to announce that one of my favorite editors of all time, UltraEdit, has just been officially released for linux!

UltraEdit is a commercial text editor for programmers. It is full of features & in my opinion is the best choice for a commercial programmers text editor.

Some Key features of UltraEdit include:

  • Group related files and folders with Projects
  • Column/block mode editing
  • Syntax highlighting for 100’s of languages
  • Find/Replace with regular expressions
  • Robust Find in Files and Replace in Files
  • Execute applications/shell commands
  • Function list for easy navigation in code
  • Code folding, brace matching, auto-indent
  • Large file handling
  • Automate tasks with Macros or Scripting
  • Unicode/UTF-8 support
  • Drag-n-drop horizontal/vertical split window
  • HEX editing
  • Configurable keyboard mapping
  • Recallable text snippets with Templates
  • File change detection

For more info, check out the UltraEdit homepage.