Finally made the switch to the other side… (AKA: a former windows user that moved to Mac OS X)

It’s official. Apple’s Mac OS X is my favorite operating system.

Here’s the story if you are at all interested:

My first computer was a Apple IIe (that was before windows existed, of course). I then had a Mac SE (released around the time Microsoft windows was released). My parents then bought me a killer computer – it was a 100 mhz 486 that ran Windows 3.1.

I used windows for another 15 years. Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98se, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP…… Wow. Been there, done that. It was cool for a while because I didn’t know a lot. I kept learning & kept using windows.

Over and over again I had to deal with the same old Windows crap. Bad performance. Bad UI. Bad experiences in general…

So I looked for alternative solutions. I was anti-mac for a long time. I had hard feeling about mac because of the lack of software at the time, the proprietary hardware, the lack of auxiliary hardware, the high prices…. well almost all of that has changed (basically everything but the high prices).

I made a dedicated switched to Ubuntu a few years ago – meaning that I ran it as my primary OS & basically only ran windows when I had to & would do so via a virtual machine anytime I could. Ubuntu Linux is a beautiful operating system & idea in general. It has huge potential & has had a huge impact in the overall acceptance of Linux based operating systems.

I can’t say this enough. I love Linux. I also love OS X…

About six months my employer bought me a MacBook Pro. My goodness, I have not looked back.

Not only is it basically built on Linux, OS X has an amazing GUI and unparalleled stability. That’s what sold me. The GUI is more intuitive & less obtrusive then any windows or Linux solution I have ever encountered.

Compatibility is also amazing. Many Linux apps run under OS X, and if I ever need to I can run windows & ubuntu with great performance via virtual machines.

Stability is better than windows or ubuntu with my experience & my usage patterns. Adding and removing software, tweaking settings, applying system updates, etc all seem to not affect my system’s stability. Rarely do I have to restart my system or end applications.

Toss windows. Embrace Linux. Use OS X.